We like to move it. In happy cities!

We believe that cycling is the key to happier cities.

So, we’ll do whatever it takes to get you on a bike! You do not only get our award-winning products, but we will also go the extra mile to make you smile! Our Ahooga team provides you with tailored advice and top-notch maintenance service!

"The secret of the world's happiest cities lies in pleasant commuting."

Charles Montgomery, 2013

Never thought you would fall in love with a bike at first sight? Well, we will try to do just that. And you can make the folding as unique as you are with our 215 color options. You can add color and happiness to the city!


Happy cities are clean cities. But of course, e-bikes require Li-Ion batteries which are still a pollutant. So, we design hyperlight hybrid e-bikes you can ride smoothly even without electric assistance! Your choice when to use the extra e-push when climbing that hill or facing headwind! That’s eco-smart!

Our bikes make you forget about your car.

We know you carry high loads from the supermarket, so we build you the strongest frame available. We know you live 2 floors up without an elevator so we make our folders light; we know you have a 70sq m apartment so we our bikes can be folded to take as little space as possible, we know most cities are hilly so we give you gears to adjust (to save your battery) … Oh yes we know you want to look cool. Enough grey vehicles out there. We want to stand out.

Born in Belgium.

Ahooga was founded by three ambitious Brussels friends, Tita, Phil, and Fred. Ahooga is still a small team, of entrepreneurs, designers, and makers. Our bikes are designed in Belgium. Part of the assembly is done in Brussels by our Ahooga staff. What better place to bring our passion to life? Belgium is the global heart of professional cycling and has the highest e-bike adoption rate of any country in the world.

We owe you an explanation

Ahooga is an onomatopoeia. It’s the sound of a car horn of the 1920s It was adopted by the movie industry as a sound effect symbolizing astonishment and excitement. This sound is now also a shout that Ahoogers throw at each other when crossing in the streets. Along with the 215 colors we propose for specific models, this shout puts joy in the streets and boosts our Happy Cities purpose.