Why are city bikes so…big?

Why do we ride bulky 28-inch bikes in our dense cities? That’s what our engineers wondered. 20-inch offers more agility, dynamism and control. So they created Max: a 20-inch dynamic marvel, and equipped it with comfort features.

With 2-inch wide tires and a vibration damper, you can ride over cobblestones, risky tramways, or take a shortcut through the park. Max ensures optimal grip and stability.
Every ride is a joyride with Max.

Fast & Easy Fold

With its 3 seconds and compact fold, Max accompanies you through the day as you hop on and off public transport and commute to the office. Ride it, walk it, store it. Fit it into crowded trains, in your trunk or apartment. And when holidays approach, bring Max along in your car and caravan.

A folding bike with a triangle frame

Ever noticed that most folding bikes come with a single tube broken in two? Unlock a new level of urban riding with Max.
Max breaks free from the norm with its patented twin tube technology that ensures superior agility and riding quality on every cityscape.
With Max there are no compromises.

Go the distance thanks to E-assist

A Powerful electrical support to propel your ride to new heights. With a range of 50km, and the option to extend it up to 80km with an additional battery, and thanks to the reliable torque sensor, there are no limits to your city adventures.

Embrace the freedom of extended rides and limitless exploration with Max.

Integration is king

Our engineers integrated all key components in the frame. This gives Max a sleek look and ensures he requires minimal maintenance. So you can enjoy the ride without worrying about constant upkeep.

One size fits all

Ready to make heads turn? With its distinctive design, Max embraces a timeless look with a refreshing twist. Max offers a personalized and comfortable fit thanks to its adjustable stem and seat.

So whether it's you, your partner, or your kids, Max is the perfect companion for the family.

Made in Belgium

We are makers. Our bikes are designed, engineered and produced in Brussels, Belgium. What better place to make a bike than in the home of cycling. It allows to Max(imize) quality control and reduce our carbon footprint.

It's all in the details

Integrated Battery

An electric bike, in disguise! The battery is hidden in the frame: stylish & impossible to steal.

Integrated Lighting

No more darkness in your night rides. Front and rear light always charged, always where you need them.

Secure & Fast fold

Foldvolution! This quick release designed in-house makes folding your Max incredibly intuitive & secure.

Integrated mudguards

Resistant and stable mudguards to keep you clean even under the heaviest rain.

Multiple Colors

Pick among timeless and trendy colors. For a world of endless shades, being yourself is the most vibrant choice.

Always with you

What’s the point of getting rid of your car if you still require an expensive garage for your valuable bike?

Technical specifications