A word from Gokce Dogru, Chief Everything Officer

May 24, 2024
A word from Gokce Dogru, Chief Everything Officer
Pronounced "GOK-che". Or use the Turkish pronunciation if you can! Gokce trained as an engineer and worked at Toyota for over 15 years. Under her direction, Ahooga enters a new space in the industry.

G: << Ahooga keeps growing. We've been on a mission for happier cities for over 8 years now, and our engineers keep taking us further on this journey.
With Max, we start a new era. It's the climax of Ahooga's passion for product development, and it has launched us into another league.

The road to launching Max was not without challenges: how do you put such a unique product on the market, as a small company, with the bike industry just recovering from its post-COVID phase?

Hard work, a product-focused mindset, and finding the right partners were the answer for Ahooga. And I am immensely proud of our team for this achievement. We stayed committed to our mission of being makers, and we are now steadily producing Max from our HQ in Belgium.

You will see us undertaking a lot of changes this year: Ahooga has the product and the vision to be a major player in the commuting industry. Let's get there together! >>