The Ahooga Modular Bike is an adaptive short tail cargo bike. It was designed to be the perfect modern life companion. Its breakthrough features comprise a high load capacity, including an additional 6+ year old kid or adult, a large choice in terms of motors and transmissions, compatibility with small storage space constraints and, for the electrically assisted version, self-charging capacity (optional).

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10kg. As from 13kg with battery and motor. But let’s not brag about it 🙂

Its like riding on cushions.

We’ve selected the 26 inch 2.0 Schwalbe Big Apple tires which offers natural suspension. Inflated to around 2 Bar a “Balloonbike” rolls really easily and with a full suspension effect. A normal tire with a width of 37 mm must be inflated to a rockhard 4 bar, in order to roll similarly well. On the sleekest version, we use the fast, sporty, tread-less Kojak tires.

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The sleek silicone handles offer max shock absorption and grip, while maintaining the lowest possible weight and the highest level of durability. Wet or dry, your hands stay put! Slip-proof, yet not sticky! Reduces hand numbness – fatigue – arm pump. Latex free.

Whats with the 36v version?

This one is the motorization you need if you want to fully exploit the duo ride feature or maximum load capacity of your bike.
The battery offers 70km of a powerful assistance on a 3hours charge. Torque= 60 Nm
Speed and torque sensors ensure smart assistance.
The lightweight and compact battery is easily removable for charging at home. It is key secured and offers a USB port, so you can use the battery to charge other stuff.
The ergonomic and intelligent OLED display makes you the one in control and provides useful information such as power assist level, speed, mileage, battery level, riding time, av speed, max speed, total mileage.

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