Connected. To your life.

The Ahooga Modular Bike is a lightweight, electric, adaptive, compact, cargo bike. It was designed to be the perfect modern life companion. Its breakthrough features comprise a surprising high load capacity (155kg), including the possibility to carry children of all ages (50kg for the rear carrier, 20kg at the front). In no time, its “Space Saver” function makes it compatible with narrow storage spaces (corridor, studio, garage). Its modularity is also expressed through many configuration options: carbon belt, integrated gearbox, low step, sporty or comfy handlebar… Here we like to say it is “Connected. To your life.”

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Reflective Limited Edition.

Herewith we wish to address bicycle safety, the visibility of cyclists in low light conditions and to encourage year-round riding.
The reflective paint finish increases the visibility of the bike and its rider in low light conditions – a significant issue in winter when most commuting is done in the dark.
We’re also adding a “Low Step” frame to our product line. In addition to the unisex frame released in 2018, it also allows for riders wearing skirts, and is more adapted to those with limited flexibility.
Last but not least: this model comes with an optional electronic padlock for facilitating the loan or leasing of bicycles in corporate settings.
These new features make this Modular Bike the first choice for bicycles (shared or otherwise) in corporate settings.
This limited edition (300 bikes) is available for sale for a competitive price of 1,995 EUR.

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As from 16kg with battery and motor. But let’s not brag about it 🙂

About the motor.

EU certified, powerful 36V 250W. Li-Ion, 300Wh. Torque: 60Nm. Max speed 25 km/h. 5 mode assistance levels.
The battery offers up to 70km of a powerful assistance on a 3hours charge.
A battery reconditioning and upgrading service is available.
Speed and torque sensors ensure smart assistance.

We chose a rear wheel motor hub over a central motor for 3 main reasons:
1/Weight/Performance ratio: The motor manufacturer we partnered with has over 15 years experience in building lightweight, compact, high torque rear hub motors. They provide more thrust and dynamics than a central hub motor.
Besides, central hubs motors are much heavier and offer too much resistance when the assistance is off. They are simply not compatible with our hybrid concept.
2/Less wear, lower maintenance costs: Unlike with a central motor, the crank, sprockets and chain are not placed under load and worn by the transmission of motor power.
3/Noiseless: Our motors are exceptionally silent compared to the rear hub and central motors available on the market.

The lightweight and compact battery is easily removable for charging at home. It is key secured.
The ergonomic and intelligent OLED display makes you the one in control and provides useful information such as power assist level, speed, mileage, battery level, riding time, av speed, max speed, total mileage. It is bluetooth connected and can relay messages from your smartphone while the latter stays in your pocket: SMS, calls and navigation arrows.

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