Several motorizations available.

You can choose between your legs, a hybrid 24V, or a 36V motor. They all have their purposes and advantages. The Push bike is a great choice if you can allow yourself breaking a sweat. If you don’t, prefer one of the electrically assisted versions. The hybrid motor is for those who need help uphill but who enjoy some smooth exercise on the flat roads. The 36V is the motorization you need if you want to increase your average speed on flat roads too.

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The electrically assisted versions are equipped with a lightweight and compact battery which is easily removable for charging at home.
The ergonomic and intelligent OLED display makes you the one in control and provides useful information such as power assist level, speed, mileage, battery level, riding time, av speed, max speed, total mileage.

Color: Jaw Drop Charcoal
Color: Wow Copper
Color: Wall Mc Blue
Color: OMG Silver